Snowboard and Ski tour to Elbrus 2017


We invite you to ride on the trails and slopes of Elbrus and Cheget! Trails for every level of training for not prepared members, experienced riders.We have prepared slopes and vast fields for off-piste, hire of equipment, experienced instructors. We accept applications for tours for any number of days, the cost of tours is discussed individually.
All participants are guaranteed:


PROGRAM of Snowboard and Ski tour to Elbrus 2017:

* Day one: arrival, meeting at the airport or railway station of Mineralnye Vody, transfer to Terskol village, the car travels 3 hours at magic Baksan gorge. Check in at Base camp Hotel Peak of Europe, familiarity with the team, with guides, meeting, dinner.

* Day two - after breakfast ride on the slopes of Elbrus. Riding for beginners and experienced members. Familiarity with slopes of Elbrus, heights and views.With you your guide and instructor Igor Besson. In the evening dinner and meeting.

* Day three - ride on the slopes of Cheget, familiarity with the Southern slopes of the mountain,cableway, the famous café, "Breakfast with a View of mount Elbrus", in the evening acquaintance with the group of climbers in our team, the general meeting of the climbers.

* Day four - rest day, walk or trip to local attractions, glade Narzanov, waterfall Chuchur, the Museum of Visotsky.

* Day five - travel to high altitudes, optionally with a snowcat or ski touring at the height of 4500 - 4700, clouds under your feet, shooting,ride. Who wants rides on the lower trails. In the evening sauna,if you wish, the highest in Europe.

* Day six - a choice of group to ride on Elbrus or Cheget, you can ride on black slopes of Cheget, if the snow allows, you can continue on Elbrus. In the evening a gala dinner with Rahat, trout fishing.

* Day 7 rest. Free program.You can ride on snowmobiles,guad bikes, horses, to lie with a view from the window at the snow-capped peaks, you can go to the market in Cheget, and buy everything -souvenirs, hides, and daggers for your friends.

* Day 8 at 8-9am after breakfast, farewell to the mountains, market with souvenirs, way-out to Min.Water, if you wish-in the hot springs, bathe in hot mineral water before your flight. 


Schedule Snowboarding, Ski tours, the cost of the tour to Elbrus 2017

APRIL 02.04 - 09.04 - the Price of the tour is 395 euros

APRIL 09.04 - 16.04 -the Price of the tour is 395 euros

APRIL 16.04 - 23.04 - the Price of the tour is 395 euros

APRIL 23.04 - 30.04 - the Price of the tour is 395 euros

APRIL-MAY 30.05 - 07.05- the Price of the tour is 395 euros

MAY 09.05 - 16.05 - the Price of the tour is 395 euros

MAY 17.05 - 24.05 - the Price of the tour is 395 euros

MAY 25.05 - 01.05 -the Price of the tour is 395 euros

For any almount of days according to your desire - the price will be considered individually.


* Meeting at the Airport or on the train station in Mineralnye Vody.

* Transfer from the Mineral Watwrs of mount Elbrus (Elbrus village) and back (120 km one way).

* Accommodation in a hotel "Peak of Europe" in Elbrus village, with dining room, living room, Wi-Fi, sauna, parking, barbecue with fireplace outside, billiards, tennis, bicycle rental.

* Services of a guide, instructor of skiing and snowboarding (Igor Besson) on Elbrus and on Cheget (3 days).

(The first three days on Elbrus you will be with our guide, who lives with you in a same hotel, will show you the slopes of Elbrus and Cheget, will ride with you if you need, will tell where is better to ride,how better to buy a ski pass (card - ticket for the cable car) how to save money on his purchase, where to stay, eat and what to see around in the Elbrus region ).

* 100% positive cheerful company of climbers, instructors, skiers and snowboarders.

* Our help and support in the Elbrus region in all situations.

* Medical extreme sports insurance for skiing and snowboarding.

Additional expenses (not included in price) :

* Meals at the hotel – breakfasts and dinners (60 euros for 8 days).

* Airline tickets to Mineralnye Vody and back.

* The ski pass (common ticket for the cable car) a day, around 20-25 euros (price varies depending on seasonality).

* Many souvenirs - from 5 euros.

* Excursion to the Hot springs,the blue lakes, waterfalls and Narzan valley, waterfall "Girlish Braids" and the others.Price is from 10 to 25 euros,can be negotiated individually.

* Have the ability to sleep in a special hut, our second base camp of climbers at an altitude of 3900 metres, above all Europe, to meet there the most memorable time in your life, the sunset and sunrise over the clouds.