* Two t-shirts

* Fleece jacket

* Thermal underwear(athletic slim)

* Jacket — lightweight with a hood, preferably a membrane, if not - windbreaker

* Trekking boots, for high mountains,mountain boots with low temperature,for snow. Its okay if half a size larger.If you don't have your own-we provide a rental.

* Trekking sneakers, preferably with tenacious sole, and high top, to close the ankle, better with a membrane.

* Lightweight hat: fleece or polartec

* Thermo socks trekking, socks fit the modern snowboard or ski, if not, take a high thick socks.

* Pants for winter, the top with waterproof material, preferably the membrane will fit any snowboard or ski.

* Sports pants for lower altitudes, ideally-material polartec or membrane.

* Girls can take sports leggings and shorts.

* Windproof warm jacket for the top tracking. Will fit any ski - snowboard better.

* Gloves are lightweight, preferably fleece or polartec.

* Cap.

* Personal hygiene items, only the most necessary.

* Swimming trunks, bathing suit( for those who can swim in thermal springs).


* Thermos 0,5–1 liter, any manufacturer.

* small backpack, 30-40 liters(for camera,clothes, snacks, thermos, protective cream and some things during the way)

* Sunglasses ! 100% protection from UF, the protection factor is 3-4. How to check points ?Look at them in the sun - eyes should feel normal,also the gaps between your face and glasses shouldn't be large, it is desirable that the frame follows the shape of the face, mostly mirrored sunglasses for sports.

* Sun cream !!! (factor 40 - 50) enough one bottle for 3 persons(important)

* Hygienic lipstick with UF factor !!

* Trekking poles, telescopic, for easy walking on the hill.

FURTHER, only for those who want to spend the night with a climbing group night in the second base camp in a special hut at the altitude of 3850 meters above the clouds (overnight in a hut on the glacier are not included, paid separately):

* Sleeping bag with a comfort temperature +5, can be warmer.You can rent-to not carry it from home just for 1 night

All the necessary clothing, equipment and shoes you can rent,

which is our first base camp hotel "Peak of Europe".

In this case, please calculate the budget for additional spending

for equipment and clothing.