Physical training for climbing Elbrus


How to prepare for the climbing on Elbrus? Advices, recommendations:

Just climbing and Hiking in the mountains – check the whole body for endurance. Completely untrained person will have tight muscles protested after the first day of the trip. To feel good in the tour and to keep up with the group, we recommend you to start preparing for the trip at least a month before the start. And the best, as early as possible. And if you have decided to perform the feat, decided to go on Elbrus,decided to change something in your life, so get to training today. Remember that phrase? "Everything will change tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes – you wake up every morning, and is starting today!"

In the first days after the beginning of the training, some people experience mild muscle pain. It arises from micro tears of muscle fibers during physical exertion, and partly from lactic acid, which fills the muscles after exertion. No need to start with max loads, start with the usual warm-up and light jogging, gradually increasing the load, the pain passes quickly and the muscles become stronger and tougher. To prepare for the Climbing of Elbrus suitable running middle and long distances, training cross-country skiing, Cycling, preferably on rough terrain. Classes endurance should be alternated with training in the gym. To different muscle groups-will have time to recover.

Of daily exercise you should definitely do squats, you can also include push-ups, perform exercises for back and abdominal. You should start with small loads, but over time the number of repeats to increase.


In preparation for the climbing you should pay particular attention to proper nutrition, from food depends on the state of your health and immunity in preparation for the climbing. Include in your diet more fresh fruits and vegetables. If you are a vegetarian, then you know what your body needs and natural healthy eating know better than anyone. If you like meat - try to accept simple truths: any meat, including poultry, cannot digest most of the side dishes: pasta, buckwheat, potatoes, bread. Eat meat only with vegetables, perfectly assimilated and digested as it should with vegetables, otherwise digestion will not be good for your body.

In any case, do not drink tea or even coffee immediately after a meal, especially sweet, as sweet blocks all digestive processes. If you have a sweet tooth - nothing wrong with that - just eat it at least 2 hours before or after a meal.If sweets not mixed with any food - can be useful, but in any case, not immediately after a meal.

Limit consumption of leavened baked products, fast foods, carbonated drinks, fatty and fried foods. Alcohol and coffee raise pressure, it makes sense to stop dinking this at least a month before the start of the tour.

THE WATER IS IMPORTANT. Drink plenty of pure water, preferably spring water washes away all problems from the body, think about the value of water for your body! Definitely in the morning a glass of clean water for 15 minutes before eating, after eating try not to drink much - if I want to drink after eating, just rinse the throat and take a few small sips, good if you drink during the day at least 2 liters of pure water, it will greatly improve your immune system and bring the body in tone.

Smokers should think about the fact that it's time to rid yourself of the addiction. Many times met happy people who have quit Smoking during the climbing of Elbrus.

Climbing Elbrus is a great shake for all muscle groups, endurance testing, moral, spiritual and physical. After the hike you will feel rejuvenated, stronger, resilient and resistant to small life problems. Change your common vacation, new strongest impressions, and see what it's like to relax after a vacation in the mountains, give yourself the powerful energy of this element of the mountains!


Exercise guidance to prepare for the Ascent of Elbrus:

Runnig. If possible, try to run on soft surfaces, the rubber coating on the stadiums, paths, fields – great fit. Minimize running on asphalt, because you can break down and clog the muscles from such experiments, and try not to run along the trails and roads, because your lungs don't need the whole set of the periodic table. Fresh air of forest trails – perfect for your spirit, your perfect body and health. Will see how it goes week after the beginning of training, and you will have to pull an unstoppable force, again and again to practice. The body is a perfect creature, and as soon as you show him the benefit of loads of training, he will ask for more, knowing that gives himself through training, valuable health and charge natural energy. Need to be patient just 10 days after the beginning of training to convince myself to go to the stadium if you haven't practiced. Your body will quickly remember the youth. Then you are going to want to train more and harder. Ideally to run in the evening or in the middle of the day. Early in the morning only warming up, enhanced training in the morning is not only useful, but too abruptly loaded not awakened body, thus endangering your heart. In the morning very useful: warm-up, stretching, yoga, light jog without heavy loads. In the evening, on the contrary - it is useful to train on a full power. In the end, at the end of your training process in preparation for the climbing, ideally, you should be free to run on a 2-hour workout without stopping, accelerations at 1-1.5 minutes every 15 minutes (acceleration is very good for the heart, and during the ascent, cardiac load will not be so sensitive when properly carried out the training process). In the modern world just to find time to workout is hard,but if you want to feel good on the TOP of ELBRUS-try to cut your schedule in such a way that if in a week was 3-5 exercises for 2 hours, plus a light warm-up for 5-10 minutes in the morning.

Of course, in our practice,the tops have reached those who have never played sports and didn't train. But if you start to train and prepare for the climbing, then on arrival your chances of success reaching the top will be much higher than if you are not prepared. And at the crucial moment when you need to make the final push to the top, you will remember with a smile and gratitude to yourself physical training.

Start to prepare at least a month. If you just ran an easy pace of 12 km without stopping – it is excellent. You have all the chances to be on top.

A week before the start of the tour stop training, let the body rest and recover. Here, in the Elbrus load are already in the first days of the climbing program, the spirit and the body quickly returns to normal upon arrival, remembering the training sessions.

A contrast shower to improve immunity. Get into shower and start to switch the water from warm and hot to cool and ice, three approaches, a week after the start of hardening can already stand in ice water for 30 seconds. and more. Will see how your body will be pink and enjoy the rush of blood, asking for more and more testing. Don't overdo it! You should start gradually, alternating warm and cool... and then increase the temperature difference between the water feels. Then, when you'll be swimming in the ice water of the beautiful waterfall "Devichyi Kosy" on the third day of the program.

Vitamins. Recommend a month before the start of the tour to take ascorbic acid, 2-3 vitamins a day, more is not necessary. Vitamins need to be taken systematically, day after day. In the morning, afternoon and evening. Certainly expensive vitamin complexes can also be used, but the effect is not much better than simple vitamins, so you decide. Drink plenty of fresh water, preferably natural! Climber at a height of 3-4 thousand meters should drink up to 4 liters of fluid a day, which would feel perfectly at such heights. Accustom yourself to the water. Clean water brings much more benefits to your body than you think.

The results:

1. To train or not is your choice, the more you train, the higher the chances of success. A week before the start of the tour, training should be stopped to give your body a rest before climbing.

2. Drink more water! 2 liters a day - the key to good health, it is especially important in big cities.

3. A proper healthy diet, more fruits and vegetables,meat without with vegetables.

4. Vitamin complex at any pharmacy!

5. Contrast shower–boosts immunity and stamina in general. In the mountains not always the sun, and to the piercing wind and iced waterfalls, hardening will prepare you perfectly.

Good luck to you, you are unusual and lucky, if you read how to prepare for the incredible adventure of your life how to prepare for the climbing of Elbrus, don't forget to take care of your health, body, and spirit. Waiting for you on Elbrus,but happy, healthy, strong and smiling.


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