The climbing of Elbrus

Evening red and morning grey,

Send the traveller on his way.

Evening grey and morning red,

Dont bring the rain upon his head.

To climb Elbrus, the summit of Russia and the top of Europe at the same time, the dream of many is to experience the incredible beauty, the magic and energy of the mountains, to conquer your own laziness, to experience yourself, your body and spirit strength. Tour to Elbrus is a great way to spend a holiday unusual, interesting, bright, impressions, emotions, and useful. Every year more and more people choose active tourism in the mountains of Russia. Some people have a dream to test themselves and to climb to the top of Europe and Russia - Elbrus, others are attracted to the opportunity to leave the noisy city and spend at least a few days in the pristine nature at the foot of the mighty mountains, others come to get your adrenaline enjoy spectacular skiing and snowboarding.

A Facebook group "Elbrus Climbing" together with a tourist company "Besson-travel" for all fans of mountain tourism, for beginners, for seasoned travellers and young couples.Just for passion lovers of life. We have developed several programs with very attractive prices.

Programs for 2019:

Climbing Elbrus – top of Europe, the top of Russia, accompanied by professional guides for beginners and experienced hikers;

Photo-Fitness tour Elbrus - active rest, hiking, incredible scenery, always friendly company, lots of bright impressions and emotions;

Ski and Snowboard tours – riding on the prepared snowy ways on the slopes of Elbrus and Cheget, for beginners and professionals.

Black Tulips - a tour of border areas Rhododendrons, Gentian, Saxifrage, meadow Black tulips. The tour is for those who are not looking for easy ways, the most distant and beautiful places on our planet, in the Elbrus region.

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A little about us:

A Facebook group "Elbrus Climbing"

Besson Travel travel Agency established in 2012;

Now take up to 30 tour and Fitness groups per year;

Organized individual and group tours to the most beautiful places of Elbrus region;

Guarantee safety, leisure, unforgettable impressions and emotions.

Our own team of guides, cooker, manager in the Elbrus region.

Your 2 base camp on mount Elbrus, 1 at the foot of the height 2150- the village of Terskol, and 2 - near the "shelter of 11" at a height of 3850.

Your equipment rental, clothing and shoes required for climbing Elbrus.

Always Young, bright and cheerful team of beginners and experienced hikers.

And Most Importantly – we LOVE what WE do!

Why should you book a tour to Elbrus in the company Besson Travel?

A variety of hiking trails in beautiful places of Elbrus region;

Friendly team, professional guides, the route is laid out in detail;

We have a renal of clothing, footwear and equipment;

Hiking in the company of beautiful, bright, unusual people - lovers of life;

High quality organization and meeting participants, booking of hotels and mountain shelters, experienced guides, professional photo, videography, and much more.