The program of Fitness-Photo tour

Vacation in the mountains with active tracking on Elbrus, accommodation in a comfortable hotel at the foot of mount Elbrus in the first base camp "Besson travel"

Available a little prepared team members and newcomers, including children from 6 years.

The tracking is under constant supervision of an experienced fitness instructors and guides Mountaineering teams, together with teams of Climbing Elbrus.

Load in the fitness tours do not exceed the norm, it is quite effective for the body.

The maximum height in these tours of 4,000 meters, no critical weather conditions and physical stress.


Fitness program and a Photo tour on Elbrus:

Day 1:

The team at the airport Min.Of waters in the day of the tour at 12:30 near the fountain. A trip to the thermal springs - bathe in the hot mineral waters, remove fatigue after your flight. Visit the Blue lakes – beautiful scenery, elegant frames for photo and video. Lunch(not included in tour price), try the national dishes. In the evening arrive in base camp – the settlement of Elbrus. Check in at the hotel complex "Peak of Europe" (Our Base Camp "Besson travel"). In the evening after our first organizational meeting we will have dinner and lights out.

Day 2:

Climbing on mountain Cheget with our guides and team of climbers to a height of 3000 metres, breathtaking views of Elbrus. Familiarity with the mountains, the route description of the climbing of mount Elbrus, lunch with a magical view to the top of Europe on top of the mountain Cheget. Return to our Base camp, meeting, overnight at the hotel.

Day 3:

Acclimatization hike to the Observatory. Visit a waterfall Maiden's braids – cold, clean and picturesque. Great place for a photo shoot. Who are tempered, can swim in a beautiful mountain waterfall, fulfilling one of your dreams. Gaining altitude up to 3400 metres, admire the panorama of the Caucasus mountain range, snack sandwiches and herbal tea from a thermos, descent. On the way down the gorge we pass "Wolf gate" and return to base camp in a Hotel, meeting, rental, equipment, relax.

Day 4:

The climbing to the second base camp at the height of 3850м. Climbing group will put their sleeping bags, gear, food and clothes to our hut above the clouds, our second camp, "Besson travel". Familiarity with the landscape, discussing the route, who wants to sleep above the clouds in the climbing hut(20 euros).If you wish- ice training, self-stop on the slope and proper walking in crampons with ice ax and sticks on the glacier with our team.Take pictures and after we go down to the hotel.

Day 5:

A day of rest, free program you can get on glade Narzanov, Polyana Cheget for souvenirs, trout fishing in "Rahat" or horseback riding and even Quad Biking through the gorge....In General, a flight of fancy, you have a free day.

Day 6:

In the morning we go by bus to the airport Min.Waters. It is possible to stop and swim in hot springs(at additional cost) to say good bye to the mountains. Expected time of arrival at the airport 12:30am.

There is a possibility to extend your days in the mountains, to stay and wait for the main group of Climbers who will be two more nights in the second base camp and stormed the top of Europe. Normally its families of climbers,who stays a few days more. Children can participate in a fitness tour with 10 years.With parents from 8 years. In our first base camp there is always a manager and a cooker, who can look after your children.

If you decide to extend your holiday in the mountains - fee of 20 euros for each additional night outside of the tour program.

If you want to become a part of the team, write please to the head of the group, and complete a questionnaire.

Further action we will send you in a separate document.



Price for 2017 year is 345 euros.

Price is fixed for all groups.

==== Season 2017: ==== 

19.September 05.09-10.09

20.September 13.09-18.09

21.September 21.09-26.09

22.September 29.09-04.10

23. October 07.10 - 12.10

==== Season 2018: ==== 

1.April 06.04-11.04 

2.April 14.04 - 19.04 

3.April-May 28.05-03.05 

4.May 06.05-11.05 

5.May 14.05-19.05 

6.May 22.05-27.05 

7.May-June 30.05-04.06 

8.June 07.06-12.06 

9.June 15.06-20.06 

10.June 23.06-28.07 

11.July 01.07-06.07 

12.July 09.07-14.07 

13.July 17.07-22.07 

14.July 25.07-30.07 

15.August 02.08-07.08 

16.August 10.08-15.08 

17.August 18.08-23.08 

18.August 26.08-31.08

19.September 03.09-08.09 

20.September 11.09-16.09 

21.September 19.09-24.09 

22.September 27.09-02.10 

23. October 05.10 - 10.10



The price is 345 euros.


* Accommodation in the hotel complex "Peak of Europe" the settlement of Elbrus

* Transfer from the airport Mineral Waters to the village of Elbrus base camp

* Excursion to the hot (thermal) springs, a hot mineral lake, where we can swim for 2 hours, entrance ticket

* Excursion to the magical blue Karst lakes

* Climbing on mountain Cheget

* Climbing the waterfall "Devichyi Kosy" and "Volchyi Vorota"

* Tour Guide services, guide for the whole route

* Transfer back to the railway station in Mineralnye Vody

* An unforgettable, cheerful company

* All those wishing to have a photo and video report of the trip-original materials

* Medical insurance (tracking)

* Entrance tickets to the hot springs, shuttle service to the cableway Elbrus

Additional expenses (not included in price) :

* Meals, healthy vegetarian for 6 days (Breakfast and dinner) 60 euros rubles

* Both sides tickets

* Lunch (sandwiches and tea from thermoses)

* Cableway on mount Elbrus – need 1 time is 25 euros for a ticket

* Souvenirs from $ 100. indefinitely =)

* Rental equipment, list of required things and rental prices you can check on our web site

Optionally, it is possible to stay in a hotel for a few days to relax after the "holiday in the mountains":), extra night in hotel costs 20 euros, paid separately.

You can also arrive early for a few days before the tour starts to give yourself a good acclimatization days before climbing, or just to make your trip longer to be closer to the Russian nature. Please ask for space if you plan to stay or come early out of the program.


Our first base camp is located at the hotel "Peak of Europe" in the village of Elbrus.

Inside there is a single block: the boys room joint (10 people), children's bedroom double, some double rooms, instructor room, large living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom. The complex has also a sauna, small pool, billiard, fireplace, outdoor barbecue, free secure parking.

In the first base camp there is also a rental equipment of climbing , clothing and shoes for climbing Elbrus. Great rental, everything you need for a large group is available. After the meetings always give time to hire. In the questionnaire that you complete during booking the tour, there is a point in which you can specify on request in advance, what equipment and clothing you will need to rent.

Every day the program exits to local waterfalls, hot springs, mountains, glaciers, "Pastukhov's Rocks", and in the evening we come back for the night.


 Food group:

The whole group has breakfast and dinner in the dining room or cafes,own cooker in a team.

Additionally there is accommodation in double rooms, suite and junior suite


SUITE surcharge 150 euros

SUITE 85 euros