The ascent of Elbrus

The schedule of climbing


==== Season 2017: ==== 

19.SEPTEMBER 05.09 – 13.09 - Price is 845 euros. 

20.SEPTEMBER 13.09 - 21.09 - Price is 845 euros. 

21.SEPTEMBER 21.09 - 29.09 - Price is 845 euros. 

22.SEPTEMBER 29.09 – 07.10 -Price is 845 euros.

23. OCTOBER 07.10 - 15.10 -Price is 845 euros.

==== Season 2018: ====

1.APRIL 06.04 - 14.04 - Price is 845 euros.

2.APRIL 14.04 - 22.04 - Price is 845 euros.

3.APRIL-MAY 28.05 - 06.05 - Price is 845 euros.

4.MAY 06.05 - 14.05 - Price is 845 euros.

5.MAY 14.05 - 22.05 - Price is 845 euros.

6.MAY 22.05 - 30.05 -Price is 845 euros.

7.MAY-JUNE 30.05 - 07.06 – Price is 845 euros.

8.JUNE 07.06 - 15.06 - Price is 845 euros.

9.JUNE 15.06 - 23.06 - Price is 845 euros.

10.JUNE 23.06 - 01.07 - Price is 845 euros.

11.JULY 01.07 - 09.07 - Price is 845 euros.

12.JULY 09.07 - 17.07 - Price is 845 euros.

13.JULY 17.07 - 25.07 -Price is 845 euros.

14.JULY 25.07 - 02.08 - Price is 845 euros.

15.AUGUST 02.08 - 10.08 -Price is 845 euros.

16.AUGUST 10.08 - 18.08 -Price is 845 euros.

17.AUGUST 18.08 - 26.08 - Price is 845 euros.

18.AUGUST 26.08 - 03.09 - Price is 845 euros.

19.SEPTEMBER 03.09 – 11.09 - Price is 845 euros.

20.SEPTEMBER 11.09 - 19.09 - Price is 845 euros.

21.SEPTEMBER 19.09 - 27.09 - Price is 845 euros.

22.SEPTEMBER 27.09 – 05.10 -Price is 845 euros.

23.OCTOBER 05.10 - 13.10 -Price is 845 euros.

The program of climbing Elbrus

Восхождение на Эльбрус

West summit,

the classical route from the South in 2017.

To climb Elbrus,to experience the incredible beauty, power, strength, magical energy of mountains, to conquer your own laziness, to experience yourself, your body and spirit for strength, to spend a holiday unusual, interesting, bright, extreme, experiences, emotions and benefits.

Top of Europe and Russia, the Western peak of Elbrus in height of 5642 meters, one of the seven peaks of the World, seven continents.

We will try to do everything possible to make your climbing Elbrus amazing with experienced guides who truly love their job.

The program of the tour:

Day 1:

Meeting at the airport Min.Of waters in the day of the tour at 12:00 near the fountain. A trip to the thermal springs - bathe in the hot mineral waters, remove fatigue after the flight. Visit the Blue lakes – beautiful scenery, elegant frames for photo and video. Lunch(not included), taste national dishes (kebabs, trout, yogurt, soup and others). In the evening arrive in base camp Settlement, the village of Elbrus hotel "Peak of Europe" (Our first Base Camp)

On the evening of the first Organizational meeting, which are held daily after the meeting dinner(included in tour price), you rent a rig and lights out.

Day 2:

Climbing on mountain Cheget to a height of 3000 metres, breathtaking views of Elbrus. Familiarity with the mountains, the route description of the ascent to the Elbrus, "fit" equipment. Return to the hotel, meeting, rental, overnight in the first base camp.

Day 3:

Acclimatization hike to the Observatory. A visit to the waterfall Girlish braids – ice, clean and picturesque. Great place for a photo shoot. Who are tempered, can swim in a beautiful mountain waterfall, fulfilling one of his dreams. Gaining altitude up to 3400 metres, admire the panorama of the Caucasus mountain range, on the way down the gorge we pass "Wolf gate" and return to the base camp to the village, meeting, rental, outfitting, overnight at the hotel.

Day 4:

Throw sleeping bags, food, water and clothes in the cabin to a height of 3850 meters, the hut is above the clouds, the second base camp. Familiarity with the terrain, discussing the route. Lessons on snow and ice training, delaying on the slope and proper walking in crampons with ice ax and sticks on the glacier, photographed. Our first night at the altitude of 3850 meters in the climbing hut.

Day 5:

Acclimatization trek to rocks "Pastukhov", the height of the lower edge of the rocks "Pastukhov" 4550 meters, the upper edge of 4700 meters. Mastering the proper technique of movement in cats and the technique of downhill. Overnight in a mountain hut, the second base camp.


Day 6:

Rest, recuperation before the summit. Optionally, you can go down to the first Base camp, take a shower, to restore the energy before the assault.

Day 7:

The ascent to the Western summit of mount Elbrus with a height of 5642 meters, the Day of the Assault. The beginning of the summit in around 3 am. The ascent and descent takes 10 to 14 hours. Return to the Base camp is planned in 15-17 hours, rent rental equipment, who were force – festive dinner in "Rahat" or in a Base camp near the outdoor fireplace.

Day 8:

"Spare" day in case of bad weather. If the ascent was successful the rest. You can ride horses, visit a waterfall Chuchur, glade Narzanov, famous for the mountaineering Museum. V. S. Vysotsky, bath or trout fishing, stroll to the market for Souvenirs, Polyana Cheget or Azau valley. In the evening, collect the backpacks, on request, issue a certificate of ascent farewell meeting.

Day 9:

In the morning, minibus to airport Min.Waters. Expected time of arrival at the airport 12:00.



The price for 2017 845 Euro.






* Accommodation on the base of a modern hotel "Peak of Europe",Elbrus village.A room for two persons. Our first Base camp. (5 Nights). At the Hotel: rent of equipment and clothing, a large living room with kitchen, washing machine, sauna with a small swimming pool, game rooms (Billiards, tennis, hockey), free WiFi, barbecue, a fireplace in the yard, free secure Parking.

* Overnight in the Mountaineering Hut "Besson travel" Common room, the hut at the height of 3850 m. Our Second base camp (3-4 Night).

* Transfer from airport Mineralnye Vody to Elbrus village and back.

* Trip to hot (thermal) springs, a lake with healing mineral water, where swimming, including enter tickets to springs.

* A trip to the Blue karst lake, a natural monument of Kabardino-Balkaria.

* Acclimatization ascents on the tour: the waterfall "Girlish braids", the Observatory, Cheget and rocks "Pastukhov", accompanied by guides.

* Services of Mountain Guides, , including climbing, climbing on the Western top of Elbrus 5642m.

* Lessons on snow and ice training, self stopping on the slope and proper walking in crampons with ice ax and sticks on the glacier.

* Organization of telecommunication and navigation, registration in rescue service Ministry of emergency situations on a route.

* An unforgettable, cheerful, increddible company and team who love their job.

* All those wishing to have a photo and video report of the trip in the original samples in the group.

*Meals breakfasts and dinners for the whole tour. (Lunches are not included, as they are always on the route during the release. It's usually tea from a thermos and sandwiches , snack you brought with you, the approximate cost 5-7 Euros per day.

* Cable car descent from Cheget, the second day of the program.

Lift on the southern slope of Elbrus to a height of 3850 meters – need 1 time, for getting equipment and things for the cabin, the second base camp.

* Entrance fees to the national Park "Prielbrusie".

Possible additional expenses (NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE):

* A Plane ticket to Mineralnye Vody airport in both directions, the price of tickets depends on the date of purchase, watch out for the prices on the airline websites. The sooner you buy - those tend to be cheaper.

*'s needs – from 100 – to infinity...while the place in the backpack will allow.

* A certificate of climbing near 7 euros.

* Rent of equipment and clothing Elbrus, on middle rental equipment usually takes 100-150 euros.

* Optional - the Snowcat from the hut 3850 to the top edge of the "Pastukhov rocks" height 4700 on the night of the storm peaks is about 65 to 100 euros per person, depending on the number of people in the group (looks up at 1km in height, saves approximately 3 hours of travel and sleep, ordered according to the desire of the whole group, can raise to a height of 5100 meters)

*On request accommodation in private suites (paid € 200) or Junior Suite (paid 120 euros) at the hotel.