The first guide, instructor: tourism, mountaineering, snowboard, free-ride, ski touring, kite surfing, hydrocyclones sport, touring.

Since 2010 - the organizer of more than 50 groups to the summit of Elbrus West top.

More than 35 successful climbings to the summit as the first guide.

2012-2013 - Organizer and the first guide in Nepal to the base camp of Everest and Kalla Pattar.

2012 - Organizer of bike tours across mountain Crimea, Cycling tours in Karelia.

From 2011 the organizer of group and individual tours to India (Goa).

2014 instructor Kite surfing Goa.

From 2015, the organizer of the annual bike tours in Iceland

with the climbing of the active volcano Eyjafjallajökull in the centre of Iceland.

Since 2013 the organizer of the team adventure "Besson travel".

From April 2017 work all season together with the team on Elbrus as an instructor snowboard and ski tours, as well as first, second, guide the team.

Has level in several sports. Forever in love with the Mountains!


Over 60 climbings of Elbrus from the North, from the South

as the head commands.

More than 30 climbings with a Team ''Besson Travel''.

The first guide, Mountaineering Instructor.

Champion of Russia on Mountaineering.

Master of sports in mountaineering.

Instructor in mountaineering, ski-mountaineering and Alpine skiing.

The head of the Chelyabinsk club of climbers.



School of the Olympic reserve №1 (Ekaterinburg).

"The teacher on physical culture and sport" (2011).

College of bodybuilding and fitness them. Ben Vader (Saint-Petersbrug)

"Fitness trainer" (2012).

Performed at the level of master of sports in athletics (high jump).

The experience of trekking through the mountains of the Urals, the Caucasus, and Kyrgyzstan.

A fitness instructor since 2012.

In 2015 joined Team ''Besson Travel''

as a fitness instructor and a second Guide.

More than 10 climbs in as the second guide in the composition of the teams 2015-2016.


The first guide. Candidate master of sports in mountaineering.

Backpacking, rock climbing and ice climbing since 1998, made the ascent of the Matterhorn, the Eiger, the Tooth of a Giant.

Since 2009 works as a guide on Elbrus, Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, mount Kazbek and the Caucasus.

More than 50 ascents of Elbrus from the South and the North. Participated in the first ascent to mount Elbrus West along the North-Western edge.

In 2016, joined the team adventure BessonTravel.


Certified instructor in Alpine skiing and snowboarding.

Mountain guide, regions: Krasnaya Polyana, Elbrus.

Climber and rock climber. Commit no less than 20 climbs per year in different regions of our country: Bezengi, Arkhyz, the Khibiny mountains, Krasnaya Polyana, Elbrus region, Crimea.

Mining Jogging, skyranger and trailriding.

"If a run is always uphill, always up!"

In 2016, joined the team of adventure Travel Besson as a second guide.

More than 20 climbing the West summit of mount Elbrus in the team.